Monday, September 28, 2009

More Stuff

Well its been another busy period since my last post. I have been working at several differnt places an ML assessment with Chris Ensoll in the Lake District. With the Army taking Adventure Training with Recurits and then with Apex Training doing a D of E gold practice with a group from Charters School. This was a great last night wild camping. We sat and watched the stars and satellites with some hot chocolate "special mix" and some strong cheese and caviar. This I thought tasted strange as it should, but it was 14 years old!!
I have also been out with a group From Silva compasses with a group from Up and Running doing some navigation Training in North East Lakes.
During this time I have also competed in the Lake District Mountain Trial. This was a very hot day with a lot of the old school of mountain runners taking part. A great day out am not sure of my finishing position.

I have also just done the Rab Mountain Marathon a Two day event in the Howgills. Again not sure of position as a solo entrant. Now I have a few days off. Hooray!