Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gloves? What do you use?

What are folks preferences in gloves for each of the seasons.

I have tried out hundreds of pairs during my work as an outdoor instructor, none keep my hands dry after prolonged use.

Dachsteins are great

Showa cold gloves these look a bit weird but do work

Showa Thermo grip gloves fantastic grip and warmish

or these

Venitex Gloves

or this which i bought a pair of in Chamonix and are fantastic and cheap but could only find this Hungarian site

Silk Liner Gloves

what do you use? these are great alternatives to the branded expensive gloves that we tend to buy and use.


Stuart Smith

Mountain Rescue

I have just seen a Mountain Rescue conference report, this may have some interest even the nice pictures to you when you off having your adventures.

Bear these in mind.

Take care and hope to meet up with at some point in the New Year.