Sunday, October 11, 2009

Seasons Change

Since my last post the seasons have definatly taken a change toward Winter. The mornings are getting darker when I am working with the Army. They have a great "nip to the nose" feel along with some stunning sunrises and sunsets. I have been also working with Chelmsford Girls School on their second training weekend for Greenland 2010 with Bull Expedtions. We had horrendous weather here in the Lakes 80mph winds and heavy rain, but the weekend was a success with the girls going home tired and smiling.

I have completed my first LDWA event in approx 10 years over the weekend with Morecambe and Bowland Group. 21 miles and 4000ft ascent, it took me 5.15 Hrs. It follwed the Derwent lake skyline from Rosthwaite to Keswick and return over Catbells. Thanks to Barry from Bootle for the chat all the way round. A great informal event with no prizes no winners but a great day out good company and loads of tea!

I have no photos so have included random shots for your pleaseure and mine.