Sunday, January 30, 2011

1000ft Fall and still Map Reading

Here is a very lucky man. Almost seems incredible.

Remember that its still Winter out there and the ground in the Lakes is still hard. Take winter kit with you and if you are unsure of how to use a map or your other kit please get in touch for a course that can only benefit you.
Take care

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Prophet

In a week where the 17th Jan is said to be Blue Monday. I had a tax return to do and watched a film called the Prophet starring Leo Houdling. Back in the day when I was in Bolton with the glitterati of  80/90's climbing. Paul Pritchard,, Mike Lovatt, Mark Leach, Phil Kelly,  Hank Pasquill,
There was another Prophet known as Tony Preston. I met him at Bolton Climbing wall on a thursday night, ran by Mike Quinn and Deninis Gleeson. I used to run with Tony on the 3 towers and X-Country races and others. Its very sad news that Tony died on 2nd Jan. He will be greatly missed.
Here are some reviews of the original Prophet.

Have a great time doing what you are doing and always do it with a smile.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Avalanches in the UK

Avalanches do occur in the UK. Here is a picture I took of the remanant of an Avalanche in the Howgills Cumbria after the last thaw we had. Have a look at this article.
This could be a very valuable resource for all mountain users. The use of tranceivers in the UK is becoming more prevalent and should not be disregarded. There have been several accidents this year and last in England alone, along with fatalities.
If you are a serious winter mountaineer consider going on a transceiver course.
Stay safe and enjoy.
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Short Walk on Helvellyn

Yesterday Simon, Glen, Steve and myself went for a short walk on Helvellyn. Practising some winter skills of movement and snow/ weather observations. The use of ice axes and a short journey
As you can see the weather detoriated during the day and snow fell on strong westerlies above 400Mtrs
During the day visibility came down and as we dropped back down to the car the snow turned to rain. This will possiblity consolidate the new snow on top of some old snow and ice. Please remember to take full winter kit with you incl map, compass, torch, crampons and ice axe. If you would like to know about turining your Summer skills into Winter Skills do not hesitate to contact me.
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