Monday, January 24, 2011

The Prophet

In a week where the 17th Jan is said to be Blue Monday. I had a tax return to do and watched a film called the Prophet starring Leo Houdling. Back in the day when I was in Bolton with the glitterati of  80/90's climbing. Paul Pritchard,, Mike Lovatt, Mark Leach, Phil Kelly,  Hank Pasquill,
There was another Prophet known as Tony Preston. I met him at Bolton Climbing wall on a thursday night, ran by Mike Quinn and Deninis Gleeson. I used to run with Tony on the 3 towers and X-Country races and others. Its very sad news that Tony died on 2nd Jan. He will be greatly missed.
Here are some reviews of the original Prophet.

Have a great time doing what you are doing and always do it with a smile.


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  1. Hi Stu - sorry for your loss. Will take your final line's advice. Cheers, S