Thursday, January 6, 2011

Short Walk on Helvellyn

Yesterday Simon, Glen, Steve and myself went for a short walk on Helvellyn. Practising some winter skills of movement and snow/ weather observations. The use of ice axes and a short journey
As you can see the weather detoriated during the day and snow fell on strong westerlies above 400Mtrs
During the day visibility came down and as we dropped back down to the car the snow turned to rain. This will possiblity consolidate the new snow on top of some old snow and ice. Please remember to take full winter kit with you incl map, compass, torch, crampons and ice axe. If you would like to know about turining your Summer skills into Winter Skills do not hesitate to contact me.
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  1. Had a great day out with Stuart yesterday. Ideal conditions for him to impart his knowledge of winter weather and snow conditions, with a bit of winter skills and navigation thrown in.
    Not bad for 4 hours ..... cheers Stuart !!