Monday, December 1, 2008

Brrr Cold Weekend

This week I have been mainly assessing. First on an APIOL in Scotland and then this
weekend I have been working with Andy Brown on a ML Assessment.

Bbbrrr!! it was cold but not as the forecast. It was bright blue sunny days and light winds. This helped with the long days and short daylight hours. Tents boots and kit were frozen. I used a Montane Torque Jersey and a Scarab Jacket as my under layers. Both great bits of kit and well designed, sportwool on the Torque Jersey and zoned fleece panels on the Scarab with a hood. Over all that was winter thermic trousers and Superfly XT. I also used a PHD Minim 400, a one season bag in -7!!
I had to wear a hat in bed and kept my prism jacket on. A great cold weekend, hopefully the start of the winter snap.
I will be running some Winter Skills courses during the season, Please get in touch for dates and prices

Sunday, October 26, 2008

OMM wet weekend

Am back at home again after another weather bashing this time
at the omm in the lake district.
Its been seen on all the news channels seen on the BBC news and in the newpapers. There have been some harsh repotage in the news if you want to see sensible tales of people who were there check out sleepmonsters .

There are a lot of thank you's to be said and those go the organisers the marshals the MRT teams that attended and the competitors themselves.

Here is a video of our river crossing near to Gatesgarth mid camp. I hope your event and weekend went well and your all back home safely.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Autumn Breezes

Well another week of wet weather and winds in the Lakes. Makes picking apples alot easier. Work has involved a mixture of great clients and play has been walking and paddling with Keela the dog.

Thanks to all my clients, UPM Manager's had a taste of the first snows on Hellvelyn. A cold and windy traverse of Englands favourite mountain. Also working on an ML training course with Andy Brown and Terry Hubble. This involved an overnight expedition into Ennerdale West Cumbria. The multifunctionality of my day to day work kit, an Event Montane Superfly XT, is tested from sea level to 3,000ft and proves its worth. I will be putting kit reviews up soon.
I am now looking toward winter if you want to practice winter skills please get in touch for dates etc.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Busy Wet Week

This week has been busy keeping the wolves from the door. I have been working at the weekend for Nav+art course directing their successful mountain marathon and adventure racing training weekend in North Lakes. Mixed warm wet weather provided great training and mini event conditions. During the week that followed another test for the Montane waterproofs and a new set of industrial showa gloves; ideal gloves for wet work outdoors. Please see link for more details.
I have been shadowing a Mountain Leader assessment and training course with Apex Training, a great company based in the Lake District fronted by Paul Platt. Thanks to all there for their help and hope to work with them again.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Adventureinmind on Facebook

There is now a new group on Facebook for you to join and use all the latest social network technology. Click on the link above to access the goup. You may have to open a Facebook account but thats really easy to do.
If you want to just keep with information or people you have met on an adventureinmind course here's the location.

Wet Wet Wet Continues

The exceptionally wet weather devastating the UK and Cumbria was also making me feel under the weather. I was working for Adventures with Andy Brown and took some people up Skiddaw and then along another Wainwright favourite of Sharp Edge on Blencathra and backdown Halls Fell ridge. Both fantastic classic scrambles.
I really enjoyed the days and a real test for my Montane kit. This week am working for Patterdale Hall with a great group of 6th formers and then for Outward Bound at Eskdale.
If you would like to have some assisstance for your Wainwright completion please get in touch.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Wet Wet Wet

This week I have been working with Rolls Royce Apprentices in the Wet Lake District for Outward Bound Professional. It has rained and hailed and not much else. The group were new to Rolls Royce and to the Lakes. We covered a lot of training using different mediums including Abseiling, Canoeing and Raft Building on the ongoing development od the trainees. If you have any training needs please contact me for prices and dates. Have a look at the weather forecasts if you are planning to go into the mountains.
Last week I was working with an excellent group of Gurkha Soldiers again on an adventure training week. Its easy to see why they are respected the world over.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Back From Patagonia

I have just returned from a month working in a very cold, -15 at nights, Patagonia. I was working with Team Much a great group of girls from Chlemsford Girls School for BPE Expeditions.
We managed a winter variation of the classic W trek, with great vistas and wildlife sightings. Along with some comunity work in an orphange and vistits to Tierra Del Fuego and parts of S America that was first explored by Darwin and Shakelton.

This is possibly a first expedition by a schools group to winter Patagonia.

We had all 4 seasons in a day every day, whilst on trek. We carried all food and fuel for 8 days in temperatures from 0 to -15.

I used the OMM linkage system again with an Ultra waist pouch
and Classic 32ltr sac as my day kit. Wearing my Montane Verso
and Transactive Jacket for every day kept me warm in this antartic conditions.

For the wet days I used a Montane Superfly XT Jacket a well thought out all round jacket. Thanks to Miseal Perez at Hostel Fitzroy Punta Arenas for all his help. Along with the Outdoor Warehouse Windermere Cumbria.

take care


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Work in Patagonia/ PMRT @ 75th Birthday

Am working in Chilliean Patagonia with a great group form Chemlsford girls School for a month for Bull Expeditions.

Congratulations To Patterdale MRT for winning the "Its a Knockout" at the 75th Birthday celebrations at Ambleside. Click this link to see the gallery.

Look out for postings on my return on the trip and whats happening in the Autumn. Have a good Summer, and check my Availability Calender if you have anything coming up.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Work in the Lakes

This week and last I have been working in the Lakes. There has been a contrast in the weather, very hot and then very windy and wet whilst camping out at Bowscales Tarn with a group from Outward Bound.

Last week I was working with Key Network with a school group and a group of managers from MND oil company. A great diversity from 10 year old to coporate managers.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Montane MMAD Days

Here are a collection of photos from my recent MMAD days working with Montane. These have been taken a over a few months in Scotland, Wales and the Lake District. Good weather seems to have followed us around the counrty; sometimes not ideal when testing waterproofs. A good crowd of people from various regions doing some good routes in the hills. Get in touch if you are interested in any product testing days with your kit.
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Monday, June 2, 2008

Via Ferrata near Briancon France

Click on the title above for some photos of a group of people doing some Via Ferrata near Briancon France. There was exceptionally high river levels and the regional department had closed kayak and rafting access after two deaths. We went out to complete some impressive routes in the rain with some begginners and more intermediate "metal highwayers"

Kit Review

Here is a kit review for a Jacket that I have been using a lot at present during my work.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Via Ferrata and Snow Boating in France

While on holiday in Briancon France due to the unusally bad weather, six days of rain, the rivers have been closed to kayak access due to the water level and sadly deaths on the river.

I have been doing some via ferrata in the rain and then some snow boating on the col d'izoard at 2000mtrs. There is a video on youtube of a first decscent of "Chippy Tea".
Some more of the Via Ferrata to come later.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sugar NLP Course

Here is a course review of the NLP Practitioners course I was on with Sugar NLP. A very benificial course for all people wanting to better themselves. I guess you would want to do that?

take care