Monday, November 21, 2011

Snowshoe Trips this Winter

Here is some great and useful information about doing something with a difference.
Snowshoeing has really taken off due to a few factors;  the economic situation at the moment means that an alternative to expensive ski holidays are being looked at. It helps with overall fitness, gets you out to areas you generally cant with skis and snowboards. Its has a very family and friendly atmosphere and if you are concerned with the environmental issues of winter sports, Snowshoeing is a must. If you do want any more information or book onto a course please let me know. We use a fantastic place in the Julian Alps of Slovenia, or in the Alps and if the weather is with us in Scotland.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mini Adventure in the Lakes

Joe from Nav4 and I had a quick chat in the morning and by 12.30 we were off to walk over the Coniston Fells to the Duddon Valley.
We then planned to stay over and have a pint in The Newfield Inn in Seathwaite and then walk back over old Lancashires Highest peak. Coniston Old Man. WE had all sorts of weather conditions and took Keela my Dog and Molly a friends dog. She is under training with SARDA.
We went from 3 Shires Stone and traversed over Dow Crag and down Walna Scar to reach Duddon in 3 Hrs.

Day 2 we went past Seathwaite Reservior and then over the Old Man Swirl Howe and back to 3 Shires in 3 hrs. Great full day out and good company and beer. Cheers!!
To view the pictures click here

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hello all in cyber land
Just a quick check to let you know that I am now using Google+ as well as Facebook and Twitter @aimcourses
and Linkedin
There seems to be a lot to go at to keep the social media world happy with various updates photos and videos.
I almost forgot one of the best ones out there is QR Barcodes amzing if you have a smart phone.

Smart Phone QR Barcodes
Using Google+ seems to put all that in one space and I can use all the other apps out there.
Happy Navigating in the cyber world and I hope to see you in the real world soon.
Keep in touch!!