Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nav4 TDH Dec 22 2012

This year is the 3rd year of the annual event of the Tour De Helvellyn. Organised by Joe and I from the NAV4 with a lot of help from the whole team. Its traditionally run on the shortest weekend of the year, this year was very close to Xmas and we wondered if people would get a pass out to do it. Its fast becoming a classic in the calender as the weather in the past years has been a massive factor in the days events. This year proved no exception being forecast as "serious winds and rain" the south of England was battered by storms.

 Its  not a standard fell run or trail race drawing on traditions from the LDWA and Orinteering . You have to have some navigation experience you also need some cunning as to plan your start time between 07.00-09.00. NB daylight is at premium and therefore you need to suit your speed to the day. Patterdale Checkpoint (10 Mile) opens at 09.30. I was tasked to kit check again this year and folk were very patient as we try to be fair but keep a level of integrity to the rules. Last year I cheekily asked one person "what was on his butty's" as I would see them at Chk 3 and could help lighten the pack. This year people were volunteering to show me their buttys and survival bags etc. I didnt get to eat any though as it was very wet at the bridge.

Thanks to the people who gave me a hug shook my hand or said thanks its very appreciated especially after 3.5 hrs  in those conditions.

 Some pics from the route. Rachael after trying to sabotage the event. Achille Ratti lads
Bradden still smiling famous for it now. Well done Kim Collinson for going very quick but well done all for pushing him around.

 Trail Running Magazine editor Claire Maxted nicked my brew in an Eden Runners mug at the finish.

A great picture of two of the original Dragons Back finishers from 1992. Martin Stone and Helene Whittaker won it and Joe himself did himself proud this year again.

 More pics can be found here on my Picasa page if you click on this pic. on the right

See you in 2013 at another event?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nearly the OMM time again

This is the Bridge on the way to Blacksail YHA on the 2008 OMM

Not long now till the @theomm in howling howgills. remember 08 in borrowdale but with wind.  Then you have the Howgills. Big round hills steep climbs and tough decents. The Rab MM was there in 2009 and it doesnt get easier. 

Have a look on the OMM website for more details I think this is my 18th event and hoping to do 21??
This is last years video from Scotland I had a technical problem. answers on a postcard please
Watch out for updates from Adventure In Mind

Friday, October 12, 2012

Ancient Cumbrian and Viking Byways

On a wet day after sitting plotting and scheming with  Joe Faulkner from Nav4 we decided that our eyes were getting square and Keela dog needed a walk. I brought Joe a Tyvek jacket to try out. They look a bit funky and its not writeable what Lindsey said he looked like in it... I was running in one in a cloudy wet windy night and it worked well.
There are many uses for Tyvek try it out on You Tube or Wikipedia

Watch this space on further tests and uses.

The present church is a Norman design. Several notable archaeological remains are at the site. These include various stone bears - the celebrated 'Dacre Bears', and inside the church two fragments of Viking crosses. Above the tower doorway, there is a plaque stating that the church was partly rebuilt by William Pollock. The south door has a large lock dated 1671 inscribed 'AP', referring to the Countess of PembrokeLady Anne Clifford The resting place of Viscount Whitelaw, the former Home Secretary, is in the church grounds.
Joe and Keela looking at the quadrangular walls 
 Dacre Castle was a quadrangular building with four turrets, a pele tower design, and built around the time of Henry VII. The castle was restored as a private dwelling in 1688. By 1816 it was being used as a farmhouse. The castle is presently in an excellent state of restoration. It featured in 2007 in Robbie Coltrane's ITV series, "Incredible Britain", where he travelled from Glasgow to London in a classic 1958 Jaguar XK 150 using only minor roads.
A classic gate post in the grounds of Dalemain House This is the site of the start of the now classic Lakes 50 and half way around the 100 mile route. Come have a look at some history if you are around recceing the course or just in the area. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cold Crisp day on Blencathra Oct 2012

 A great day out in cold crisp clear and somewhat warm day on Blencathra. Jonny Sarah Keela and Talli and I went up Halls Fell Ridge to the summit.

 Keela and Talli loved the ridge and showed off their scrambling skills.
 We met this bloke in Tweed and  tie on the summit. Great to see standards are still being kept to.

A cold wind was blowing on the summit but the views were fantastic today.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Dragons Back Race

 Here are some of my pics from Dragons Back race. If you use them please credit them, if you would like to give a donation for the pic 50% of that will go to Mountain Rescue. Please use Paypal and pay 

Thank you

Helene and Steve this years winners at the finish point at a sunny Castle Cennan in Wales

Click on this link below for the drop box collection

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

CTC and The Railways

Cycling in the 1950's was a very pleasant affair. Railway trips also "got you there" and were accommodating. The roads were also a joy to be out on. Can we try this again soon please?
 how about a tour out and about with your mates?

Great stuff.
if you wanted off road stuff try this
its tough up north.... 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Japan CCHS 2012

Here are some pictures of a recent trip to Japan with BPE ltd and a great group from CCHS School

We met up with some people and went to help out with some post Tsunami work with
Its not Just Mud at a devastated Ishonomaki.
Please help them out if you are able

We also met Hirsohi Hamatani. A great bloke who was very helpful, with great english and a keen knowledge of Outdoor Experiences. If you need any help while out in the Japanese Northern Alps get in touch.

Hope you like them? A great experience with  great group of girls from CCHS who I  wish all the best. More reports to follow.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Diamond Jubilee MTB Elastic Time Accident

Just going out for a Jubilee MTB Ride with Sarah and Rich we thought we would do the Glenderaterra route.
It was a warm day and we set off from Keswick along the old railway line. A busy route with lots of C2C riders and day trippers out about. Not 4km along Rich stopped suddenly to avoid a dog, I braked hard and went over the handlebars. I remember very lucidly thinking I need to unclip my feet, along with seeing the floor zoom up to me. I had a crunching feeling as I landed squarely on my nose and my left hand. Strange how time becomes elastic at times like this?

It broke my glassess and the peak of my helmet.

The people with the dog said nowt not even sorry but stood gawping as the blood sped down my face. Sarah went back for the car Rich and I went onto Threlked to get picked up.

20 Mins biking and 6 hrs in A&E later
a bit cleaner but unable to stitch or glue due to dirt. I now have concussion, whiplash, stiff neck and back and a swollen painful left hand. 
No biking for a while..

Monday, May 21, 2012

Keswick Mountain Festival

 Five Days in Spring at the Keswick Mountain Festival all the pictures can be found on my web album page. Great company every day and the whole four seasons during the five days. We completed a total of 16 Wainwrights with the group and they got a goody bag worth £50 from Mountain Xt from Trekmates. Topped off with a "liquid debrief" which went down well.
It would be great to meet up with the groups again, some folk came along for 3 out of the 5 strenous days out with 2 qualified professional IML's based in the Lake District. Good Times..
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Keswick Mountain Festival Day 1 Navigation

Here is a collage of pictures from Day 1 at The Keswick Mountain Festival that Ian Carter and I ran for Mountain XT. We had a great group and good weather all day.
Thanks to all the group for being enthuiastic and taking on board a lot of information.
We were also representing BAIML and giving a professional view of our job in the mountains of the world.
"Professional World Leaders"The festival continues with a great line up. I hope to see you there at some point?
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Your Expedition and Mountain Leader

As Expedition season and Spring in the UK fast approaches is it worth looking a bit deeper into you leader in who you are employing to take you into the mountains on your trip of a lifetime?

Have a look at the criteria and depth of experience that a qualified International Mountain Leader   has gone through to give you their professional best in some of the most challenging places on Earth. 

An IML will work as the overall technical expert and be your representative all over the world in all of the climatic regions. You will be ensured that your welfare and emotional and educational needs will be catered for.                                                                                                    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Your Leader will have extensive experience in First aid and other skills including people skills; how does one deal with an emotional minefield of clients sometimes under pressure on a trek or UK mountain? By Training,application and continued professional development CPD. This is a pre-requisite for a professional body such as UIMLA.    
The need to interpret the weather is also an essential skill to help you have the most success from your trip. This may a frustrating delay for you or a life-changing moment/vision from the top of a mountain or remote valley.           
As Red Adair, the world famous Fire Fighter who put out a lot of the Iranian and other big oil fires around the world, said     " If you think a Professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur!"     

Be aware that value for money in the current economic climate is different from being "expensive" and that you will always get more that what you pay for with a qualified professional, such as an IML