Monday, June 4, 2012

Diamond Jubilee MTB Elastic Time Accident

Just going out for a Jubilee MTB Ride with Sarah and Rich we thought we would do the Glenderaterra route.
It was a warm day and we set off from Keswick along the old railway line. A busy route with lots of C2C riders and day trippers out about. Not 4km along Rich stopped suddenly to avoid a dog, I braked hard and went over the handlebars. I remember very lucidly thinking I need to unclip my feet, along with seeing the floor zoom up to me. I had a crunching feeling as I landed squarely on my nose and my left hand. Strange how time becomes elastic at times like this?

It broke my glassess and the peak of my helmet.

The people with the dog said nowt not even sorry but stood gawping as the blood sped down my face. Sarah went back for the car Rich and I went onto Threlked to get picked up.

20 Mins biking and 6 hrs in A&E later
a bit cleaner but unable to stitch or glue due to dirt. I now have concussion, whiplash, stiff neck and back and a swollen painful left hand. 
No biking for a while..

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