Thursday, August 7, 2008

Back From Patagonia

I have just returned from a month working in a very cold, -15 at nights, Patagonia. I was working with Team Much a great group of girls from Chlemsford Girls School for BPE Expeditions.
We managed a winter variation of the classic W trek, with great vistas and wildlife sightings. Along with some comunity work in an orphange and vistits to Tierra Del Fuego and parts of S America that was first explored by Darwin and Shakelton.

This is possibly a first expedition by a schools group to winter Patagonia.

We had all 4 seasons in a day every day, whilst on trek. We carried all food and fuel for 8 days in temperatures from 0 to -15.

I used the OMM linkage system again with an Ultra waist pouch
and Classic 32ltr sac as my day kit. Wearing my Montane Verso
and Transactive Jacket for every day kept me warm in this antartic conditions.

For the wet days I used a Montane Superfly XT Jacket a well thought out all round jacket. Thanks to Miseal Perez at Hostel Fitzroy Punta Arenas for all his help. Along with the Outdoor Warehouse Windermere Cumbria.

take care


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