Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy New Year

Its been a month since my last post and I have been busy. Testing some kit for Furtech, its a great system for our British wet n warm climate. In the recent cold snap all I wore is the Claw 2 and a base layer and trousers. Have a look at the website for the technical information. It should change your mind. I would like to see some changes to the jacket and trousers Overall they work well and can only go from strength to strength.
I have been observing Summer ML Training being run by Tim Blakemore in December great course and very testing. Over the Xmas break I was in Devon to do some kayaking and Surfing with Sarah. However due to lack of water and poor surf ended up with a gourmet xmas break. We went geocaching on Dartmoor and Bouldering at Leigh Tor. I aslo did some Dancing on Ice with Keela, nothing like John Sargent!!

Thanks to Andy at Furtech for the link also;
I hope you all had a good New Year and to see you all soon in 09.

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