Saturday, February 20, 2010

College of West Anglia Snowshoe Course

Last week I was lucky enought to be asked to lead some students from College of West Anglia on their Snowshoe course in a beautiful remote part of the French Pyrenees near to St Giron. We had a mix of weather during the week meaning that Bruno Steve and I had to mix the course up somewhat so we could get to the venues safely.

We covered some basic Avalanche transceiver work and snow pit digging and anaylsis.

The group were very keen to explore this ancient method of alpine transport. They managed to climb some remote and snowy cols and peaks up to 1800mtrs.

The return travel was not without its eyebrow raising moments as we had to travel across country at 20mph due to the snow, then rediredt to another airport to fly out on our already delayed flight back to UK. I had beeen on the go for approx 19 hours when I finally got to bed.

If you ever though an alternative and cheaper means of Alpine Entertainment than Ski-ing get in touch to arrange a Snowshoe Holiday that all the family can take part in. Try it in the Julian Alps of Slovenia and explore somewhere off the beaten track

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