Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gate Gill near Keswick Cumbria

Had a day out on my day off having a busman's holiday and going Gyhll Scrambling with Keela and Sarah.
We went to a Grade 4, in some places, Gate Gyhll near Keswick in Cumbria. A really hot day meant no water in the hardest parts.

This meant that the harder sections were made easier whilst moving Keela dog around. She is really getting very good. Having a Ruff Wear harness from Outdoor Warehouse in Windermere on helps with lifting and clipping onto if needed. Some sections are a bit loose with a tree down across the whole river bed.

I would advocate the use of helmets and in some gyhlls the use of a rope to protect yourself. We had a great safe day out then into Keswick for a beer and some food.

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