Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wainwrights Fells update

Have a look at this for  a new wainwrights map

Tubular Fells, 180 kb
This is a great representation of the classic map. If you are able to use it to navigate around with please let us know. .

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  1. This has been a bit of running joke with me - if I catch anyone with it on the fells, they better be taking publicity images and sending me the images in order to put on the website! LOL. I dread the day MRT find someone trying to navigate with it, or God forbid, just waiting for that train!
    Anyway, Thanks a lot for profiling my new map! To be honest, I am rather gobsmacked by some of the reactions from people in the hillwalking world, as I did this as a small personal project and then thought I'd go on to sell it. I am really touched that people like it and if it helps I really enjoyed designing it - it gave me a chance to explore long forgotten fells I climbed years ago! Anyway, the map isn't officially launched yet, but the website will go live at the start of April (that's my intention as I sit here finishing it) and it will be available at other Lakeland venues for £8.99 with £1 to Fix the Fells. The 23 Youth Hostels of Lakeland and the National Trust shop, Grasmere (due to open in May) will be stocking it. They're also be large versions (covering walls in the Ambleside YH and hopefully in Grasmere so that'll be fun). If you want one now e-mail me privately or drop into the Watermill Inn, Ings just off the A591 - Brian the landlord will happily flog you one of his!