Monday, April 18, 2011

A Sent Email

From John Hamer after a recent NAV4 training course. He had recently completed the Highlander Mountain Marathon. Video on the site or here
"Hi guys,

I'm just back from the Highlander MM.  Had a fantastic time, and learned heaps (mostly what not to do next time!)  The course was tougher than I expected, with some decidedly tricky checkpoints.  Finding a "safe" descent from the top of a 70m cliff is not easy!  The organisers also seem to think it's funny to occasionally hide a checkpoint kite behind rocks.

We made a couple of minor mistakes, one terrible one (costing us about 45 minutes of painful backtracking!), but had a success here and there.  Most importantly, we finished!

Thanks heaps, Stu.  Your skills course made a huge difference, can't imagine how I could have done the event without it."

A great reply and good to hear some of the magic has worked. Thank you very much John

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