Monday, January 16, 2012

Trail Running Mag Pics

Here are some wonderful sunny winter lake district pictures taken on a Trail Running Magazine photoshoot. Watch out in the magazine for the official ones.
Here is Claire and Stuart Holmes taking some pics of runners coming off Latrigg.  And here is Claire happy to be out in the sunshine along with an old friend of mine Zac Poulton
Keela came with us and had a great time running around in the sun as we went up and down to get the right shot. 
you can see a clip here of her from last edition of Trail Running Magazine when she was snow kayaking last year. Claire liked the video and included a still from it on a feature running with dogs.

For more info on running with dogs have a look at Cani-Cross events. 

I then bumped into Zac on my way into Keswick and he scared me. 

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  1. Very efficient write up Stuart! I need to put my pics from the day on FB, just wading through emails...! Thanks for coming along! Claire