Monday, April 22, 2013

Implications and Professional Standards

As I work full time as an outdoor professional offering my services to various clients and companies to cover a multitude of outdoor related work. I am sometimes cancelled due to various factors. This have a butterfly effect on me, emotionally and not least financially also to other clients of mine who have come to respect my working practices. Please note that a contract, verbal, written as text, email or letter has legal standing as a two way document.  When offering my services I have to negotiate my terms and conditions and act in accordance. I have recently been cancelled as a freelancer in the last couple of weeks, due to various circumstances and by various companies at very late notice. IE within a week. My sliding scale of notice is over 4 weeks no fee, 3 weeks 25%, 2 weeks 50%, 1 week 75%, within 1 week 100% of fee. I find in the rare circumstances that I have to cancel my work I will try and provide as many alternatives as possible for the work to continue seamlessly. 

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