Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dan Snow The History Man on Helvellyn

   On a very wet windy gusts of 45mph sort of day in Cumbria. A very different day to the 22C we had only the day previous We shared an iconic ridge with Dan Snow  The History Man from BBC TV's The One Show 

   Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were asked to give some advice on this aspirationl lakeland edge during the filming along with one of the Fell Top weather assessors Jason who was leading Dan on one of his usual routes to the Summit of the third highest mountain in England. 
 This is Mike Blakey the Team Leader of Patterdale, whose dog, Moss, has become a SARDA search dog. Again this is an entirely volunteer run search and rescue service 24 hrs 365 days a year. The SARDA training is very extensive and commiting providing an invaluable addition to Mountain Rescue. Well worth supporting along with Mountain Rescue Basecamp

The rain started early on as we met at Greenside Mine. Have a look at some of Greenside history it makes for interesting reading and helped shaped the Ullswater valley and make it what it is today. Filming started on the way up in the heavy rain. Never an easy thing for all concerned as you can see from the expression  on Keela the dogs' face. We set up a KISU for the film crew and Dan Snow to settle down in at Red Tarn for some lunch. This lasted longer than we thought as we rechecked the howling conditions from the warmth of the shelter.          We sat out the storm chatting and telling stories while the KISU shelter rattled around our heads. This lightweight, relatively inexpensive pieces of outdoor kit should be always packed in your bag. They really are lifesavers and can turnaround a cold and demoralised party very quickly once inside.

 Once the weather started to clear a little ie winds gusting to 20mph Dan and the film crew and Jason moved up onto Striding Edge to film some more.

I was not guiding on this one and wasn't needed as MRT member so Simon, Mike, Francis and I went back to the valley. As I normally work as an IML all over the world especially in the Lake District its normally me that would be leading so I went to watch and take photos as the clouds scudded over the ridge.

         Dan & Jason moving along the edge Red Tarn to their right Nethermost Cove to the left.

 The mist rolls by as they disappear toward the summit of Helvellyn. 
Have a look out on the One Show for Dan and Jason's Adventures and if you would like to stride out on the edge hope you get in contact soon 

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