Wednesday, May 6, 2009

California Dreamin'

Another week of unseasonally wet weather. "All the skies are grey...."
I have been helping Joe Faulkner at NAV4 out with the GLD3 event. A tough solo lakeland challenge for runners. Planning the course and putting out and taking in markers is a challenge in itself.I have been testing a new OMM rucksack, the very aptly named OMM-i-Drate. Its now on sale in some shops but not up on OMM website as yet. Its a 15 ltr sack ideal for a cross over of sports. Ski climb bike run etc. It has a bladder level visibilty panel in the centre of the pack and of course all the usual linking features that you have come to expect with OMM gear of late. That means this will connect onto bigger packs and the Trio chest pouch and OMM-i-Gamy aslo add invaluable usable space. I think its a great pack very stable and versatile that I have used over several months now.

The picture above is the edge of the world as seen from Hellvelyn summit on a minging wet Tuesday after Bank Holiday Monday. On my 1hr 40 min journey up and down I collected 7 banana skins and 2 orange peels. Please do not dispose of litter like this! Its my office! If you need any advice on this bio-degradeable rubbish please ask or book onto a course. I look forward to hearing from you all soon. Cheers

Prior to that i was working with Paul Lewis Peak Mountaineering on Coniston Old Man with 27 women. Ideal.

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