Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In the Drink Again!!!

Its been wet weather again hooray! and boo!! I have been bringing in controls from the GLD3 weekend. A great event of stature and self reliance 3 days out running. Boo!! to that as it was snowing and very wet windy and cold bringing those in. Hooray cos I was doing a Swiftwater Rescue course with Howie Crook at Re-Think training. Maryport Rescue crew were also on the course based in the Southern Lakes. The water was cold even in May and I was very glad of my wetsuit shorts and knee pads under my Lomo drysuit. I found the drysuit brilliant, at a great price with all the added extras that I need. Even a relief zip is included and let me say its a great relief to have it after being in the cold water. Howie had also got a set of Lomo suits so we all looked very professional and turned a few heads as a group of eight in yellow and black. A very good course and well delivered and great to meet up with the volunteer crew of the lifeboat. I hope i never have to use them in the best sense. Back to work on land again, if you have any courses hill to climb and adventures to include, its easy to get in touch with me.

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